Bogrolls & Barley Wines
Here I am in my royal Range Rover, delivering some Christmas
prezzies to some of our peasants on Boxing Day 2008.
A peek at the Roberts Manor Aquarium. All of our fish are
named -- from right to left we have Fred, Doris, Ginger,
Mable, Sparticus, Winston....oh, sod it -- keep still you lot !
Every Manor House has its own mountain range, and this is
ours, providing a jolly good contrast against the Northern
Lights, here in Columbus, Ohio.
Lord Roberts leaving the Manor..."I use this motor
when I do me shopping"
Lord Roberts unveils his latest motor outside Roberts Manor
This shot of the Northern Lights was taken on our annual New
Year's Day walk on the Roberts Manor estate. Our peasants
cottages are just out of sight behind the trees on the left.
To the Manor born
It's a dog's life running a Manor house, what with dealing with stroppy servants and unruly peasants.  Nevertheless, myself and Lady
Roberts thought we'd show you some of our favourite photos of our immense estate. There's no charge for looking - at least for now -
although we wouldn't say no to a few more sheckles to contribute towards the upkeep of the place !
Here's a rather jolly photo of the Aurora Borealis taken behind
a couple of our peasants cottages on The Manor Estate.
New Year's Eve 2008 brought the Northern Lights
(Aurora Borealis) over Roberts Manor. Here's a rather
spectacular display lluminating the lake at the bottom of
the garden at the Manor.
The annoying thing about Columbus is the increasing lack of
bright, starry nights. Usually, the combination of pollution,
lights and clouds produce a white sky, such as the typical
Columbus night sky above.
Typical Gloucestershire night sky.
I found some loose change in my pockets last week, so I picked
up this young car at Trotter's Garage in Cirencester. It's the new
Alfa Romeo - perfect for pulling a plough in one of my fields. That's
Saucy Sheila, one of The Manor milk-maids posing by it.
Right then, it's known in all the Royal palaces
throughout the world that we here at Roberts Manor
have nothing whatsoever to do with any bullshit
corporate entity when it comes to our cellars. Hence,
above you'll see (right) our support for Marietta
Brewing Co, and (left) the Pleasant Chapel Vineyard,
owned and operated by Lord Randy and Lady Lucylumps
Channel of Newark, Ohio (now
that's a Royal title !)
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a frequent visitor to Roberts
Manor. Here she is meeting Simon Cowell at our Manor Christmas
Gala in December 2008. "It's so nice to see you're not wearing one
of those raggedy-arsed tee-shirts tonight, Mr.Cowell".
In April 2009 we took a Royal trip to the Florida Keys. The
weather was gorgeous throughout - here's a picture of
the Florida sky as we took off back to Columbus.
Our pilot warned us - somewhat grimly - that the weather
in Columbus was grey, wet and miserable. Here's the
Columbus sky as we landed.
I was taking Asia, the Manor Hound for a walk one day, when
we came across this magnificent view of the Northern Lights
at the end of the forest on the Manor.
Here's an aerial shot of the Manor pond. On summer weekends Lady
Roberts and I go out in our royal rowing boat and go fishing for
catfish, tadpoles etc - anything we can have Chef throw in the pot !
During the winter of '08, I had our peasants build an igloo for
me on the Manor lake - Lake Bogroll - so that I could observe
the Northern Lights, accompanied by a nice mug of hot Bovril.