Bogrolls & Barley Wines

Welcome to Scribes on the Road - it's thirsty work touring the kingdom and with notebook and camera in hand(s), we offer
the very best in objective (well, more or less) beer reviews from all over our global estates.
Here's a picture from the Royal Tour of the Cayman Islands. I'm looking particularly regal on the right, with
Lady Roberts on the left. The young chappie holding the Southern Stingray is our guide, one of those
ex-colonials from South Africa. Now, what do we know about stingrays?  You
don't touch the bloody tail !!
Fat Head's Head Hunter IPA from North Omstead, Ohio - Quite simply, the finest IPA on the planet.  You heard it here first!
Oh yes, plenty of culture on this site - from a trip back to the UK, here's a shot of Mendips, the childhood home of John Lennon.   
It must be said, Liverpool people are amongst the warmest and funniest people we've ever met!  The pubs are brilliant too!