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Welcome to Bogrolls & Barley Wines, the critically acclaimed and much imitated site devoted to the passion of a
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You won't find any reviews on Bogrolls that's made up from simply copying down what's on the bottle or ripped off from
a beer website;  we believe that you have to write with feeling, enthusiasm, creativity, honesty and from the heart.  If
we think a beer is shite, then we'll tell you that it's complete SHITE!

It's been a long few months at The Manor editorial offices as we strove to catch up on our reporting of beer festivals,
but now we're back on track, so look forward to some exciting reviews from San Antonio/Austin, The UK, San Diego,
Philadelphia, Jamaica, Madison, Toronto and much more!

Thanks for visiting - comments and ideas are always welcome.  Creative thinking co-writers are welcome too!


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Let there be hops, lots of hops!
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